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A New Level of Security

with a Focus on Prevention

Rocus CyberFusion™ is the managed PREVENTION, detection and response solution, made affordable for any size business. All the necessary security controls, management and monitoring to effectively protect your clients, employees, and ultimately your business from cyber attacks.

We Lock the Doors and Turn on the Alarm

Rocus CyberFusion™ places prevention tools at the most critical attack points: network, endpoints and email.

Attackers know that most organizations only use legacy security tools such as firewalls and anti-virus, which is why phishing and internet based attacks are so successful. Rocus CyberFusion™ provides over 99% attack prevention before our SOC experts are called to action, creating the highest possibility of success. Not using preventative controls is like turning on your home alarm but not locking the doors. Unlike other security solutions, Rocus CyberFusion™ does both.

Rocus CyberFusion™ includes a dashboard on your screen giving you by-user visibility to malicious activity, blocked viruses, applications used, websites accessed, files accessed and shared and bandwidth consumed.

We Know How to Protect Businesses Like Yours

Affordable Security

Rocus CyberFusion™ is priced as an all-in-one “security-as-a-service” platform.

Additional Technology Services

Our CyberFusion™ platform was built to fully protect your organization. We also offer additional services for special business requirements.

Rocus CyberFusion

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