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A New Level of Security

with a Focus on Prevention

Rocus CyberFusion™ is the managed Prevention, Detection, and Response solution for businesses of any size. All the necessary security controls, management, and monitoring to effectively protect your clients, employees, and your business from cyber attacks. Enterprise-level security-as-a-service, made affordable.

Instant Visibility

Rocus CyberFusion™ provides you with real-time access to important information.

Rocus CyberFusion™ includes a dashboard on your screen giving you instant, by-user visibility to malicious activity, blocked viruses, applications used, websites accessed, files accessed and shared and bandwidth consumed. See where and what information your employees are accessing to ensure data is properly being accessed and shared. With our CyberFusion™ Dashboard, you will now have information at your fingertips.

  • See what applications employees are accessing

  • Which websites are being accessed

  • What files are being accessed and shared

  • Who and what is consuming internet bandwidth

  • See malware and viruses blocked

  • See malicious activity

  • Identify risky applications

  • Capture, log and view your data

Enterprise Security Controls

A comprehensive solution with all of the tools you need.

Network Security

Visibility, Control, and Protection of your Network Traffic

Included Features:

– Threat Detection and Prevention
– Zero-Day Threat Prevention
– Application Identification and Control
– User Identification and Control
– Web Filtering
– Actionable Threat Intelligence
– VPN Access
– Data Encryption

Endpoint Security

Secure your most valuable assets

Included Features:

– Secure your PCs and Servers
– 99%+ Malware Prevention utilizing Artificial Intelligence (not signature-based)
– Prevention for file-less attacks utilizing memory or scripts
– Windows, Mac and Linux support
– Certified as a replacement of traditional anti-virus solutions
– Extremely lightweight

Email Security

Prevent Phishing Attacks Before They Hit Your Employees

Included Features:

– Malware Prevention from phishing attacks
– Data Loss Prevention for Email
– Email Encryption
– URL Defense
– Emergency Inbox
– Supports Microsoft Exchange/365 and Google Mail

Cloud Security

Protect Your Data In the Cloud

Included Features:

– Secure your SaaS Applications such as Box, Dropbox, Google, Microsoft Office 365, and more
– Threat Prevention
– Data Loss Prevention

Mobile Security

Protect Your Mobile Devices

Included Features:

– Secure Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices
– Device Management
– Application Management
– Security Management (remote lock, wipe, passcode)
– Location Tracking and History

Employee Training

Educate and Test your Employees

Included Features:

– On-demand, engaging, interactive browser-based training
– Year-round, all-you-can-eat, simulated phishing attacks
– Training reports for all users

We Know How to Protect Businesses Like Yours

Affordable Security

Rocus CyberFusion™ is priced as an all-in-one “security-as-a-service” platform.

Rocus CyberFusion

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